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a Quick and Dirty Guide to Instagram
almost 2 years ago

Aside from being the most visually stimulating social media platform, Instagram presents business owners with a host of benefits. It provides you with the ability to post pictures and to microblog, thus making it the perfect platform on which to build a brand, grow your following and even acquire influencer status. Tools like Famoid and Kicksta are fast becoming favorites, as many businesses want to grow their followings and increase their marketing potential through Instagram.


Why wouldn’t you see it as a marketing goldmine?

In this short and sweet guide, I want to focus on only one of Instagram’s many features, Instagram Stories, particularly Instagram Story Ads.



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Brands have experienced considerable success from Instagram Story ads. For example, Ralph Lauren -- the iconic fashion brand -- used Instagram Story ads to increase their sales by 18 percent and page views by 41 percent. Not bad, right?

So, could Instagram Story ads be the Holy Grail in marketing? There’s only one way to find out.


Why use Instagram Story ads?

All eyes are on Instagram Stories right now, with 500 million active Instagram Story users. It’s only wise to leverage this attention by showcasing your brand and creating leads.

Let’s have a look at a case study to show you how powerful Instagram Story ads really are.


SHEIN, an e-commerce platform known for providing affordable women’s clothing, is a great case study. They wanted to make use of Instagram Stories as part of their campaign strategy. So, they ran a split test to gauge the ad performance of Instagram stories over Facebook and their regular Instagram feed. They made use of video ads to convert viewers into paying clients. And, to add a little fun, they made the ad colorful and utilized emojis.

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